Evidence, Commentary, and Judgment

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7.2.3 Implications for Dissenters, Protesters, Resisters, and Ordinary Citizens

  1. Symbolic violations of domestic or civil law, if reasonably calculated to encourage compliance with international legal obligations pertaining to nuclear weapons, are examples of lawful civil disobedience, and should accordingly not be treated as punishable by courts or law enforcement officials;
  2. Citizens in all stations of life have a right and duty to implement international law even as against their own government and its officials, especially when world peace is in issue as a result of unlawful preparations for general warfare; such reasoning is strengthened in the setting of possible nuclear war as only anticipatory and preventive activities are of value;
  3. In the event that official institutions of law on the national and international level fail to secure compliance with international law, then citizens are encouraged to constitute tribunals that operate in a fair and responsible manner to ascertain disputed matters of law and fact.

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