Evidence, Commentary, and Judgment

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H.4 Legal Implications

Table H-4 Witnesses and Evidence on Legal Implications
Witness/Deponent Title of Evidence (if written and submitted)
  • Use of Nuclear Weapons - Violation of International Law for a total ban on Nuclear Weapons
  • The Tokyo District Court ruled Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki violates International Law
ARBESS, Daniel U.S. Countervailing Nuclear Strategy and the International Law of Armed Conflict
BOYLE, Francis A.
  • Nuclear Weapons and International Law: The Arms Control Dimension
  • The Relevance of International Law to the So-called "Paradox" of Nuclear Deterrence
CARTY, J.A. The question of the legality of the use of nuclear weapons in accordance with existing nuclear power strategic policy and the 1st Protocol Additional to the 1949 Geneva Convention on the Laws of War
CASTELLINA, Luciana Evidence - [no title]
GRIFFITH, John The Illegality of Nuclear Weapons
HUTCHINSON, Jean An Examination of the Legality of Nuclear Weapons
LAWYERS FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT The Illegality of Nuclear Warfare
  • Prohibitions and Restraints on Nuclear Weapons in International Law since 1945
  • The Laws of War and Nuclear Weapons
RUSSBACH, Olivier Nuclear Weapons: A Denial of Democracy and Law
SCOTTISH LAWYERS FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT Submission to the Nuclear War Tribunal 3rd-6th January 1985
STANIA, Peter Some Aspects of Neutrality and the Nuclear Threat
TAIROV, T. International Law and the use of Nuclear Weapons
TAKAMURA, Yoshiatsu Testimony before London Tribunal
WRIGHT, David An overview and assessment of possible peace/justice initiatives and the role of law therein: one Canadian's perspective

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