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5.6 The United Nations and Nuclear Weapons

Many resolutions come before the General Assembly of the United Nations on questions related to nuclear weapons, and as a general expression of the opinion of states, a very large majority always vote in favour of resolutions confirming the unlawfulness of nuclear weapons. Predictably the countries normally voting against are either nuclear weapons states or members of alliances with nuclear weapons. By way of example we may quote a summary of one of these Resolutions18: "15 December 1983: Reaffirming the declaration that the use of nuclear weapons would be a violation of the Charter of the United Nations and a crime against humanity, contained in its resolutions 1653(XVI) of 24 November 1961, 33/71 B of 14 December 1978, 34/83 G of 11 December 1979, 35/152 D of 12 December 1980 and 36/92 I of 9 December 1981, reiterates its request to the Conference on Disarmament to commence negotiations, as a matter of priority, in order to achieve agreement on an international convention prohibiting the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances, taking as a basis the draft Convention annexed to this Resolution."


18 This is from the SIPRI Yearbook 1984.

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