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Since the Tribunal was convened in 1985 East-West tensions have diminished dramatically, but nuclear arms race goes on. New weapons systems, more accurate and with less reaction time available for political leaders for assessing threats and devising responses, are giving machines and computers an ever greater role in shaping human destiny. The militarization of space proceeds with new geopolitical visions of global dominance being nurtured, based on the viability of a communications and guidance grid capable of delivering smart weaponry, whether nuclear or non-nuclear, on target anywhere in the world. This is not a time for the peoples of the world to suppose that the nuclear war threat has safely slipped into history!

Pressure from civil society is indispensable. Without a peace movement that conveys the sense that nuclear weapons are illegal, immoral, and exceedingly dangerous, it seems likely that the present reality will remain more or less frozen. One important way to revive public concern about existing arrangements is to present the case that nuclear deterrence in doctrine and deployed capabilities violates international law and that the construction of First Strike weapons systems constitutes preparation for aggressive war, and as such, is itself a Crime against Peace in the full Nuremberg sense. We believe that the Judgment of the London Nuclear Warfare Tribunal establishes this conclusion in responsible and convincing fashion. We invite objective citizens to read this Judgment and come to their own conclusions.

Richard Falk

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