Evidence, Commentary, and Judgment

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H.2 Medical and Environmental Effects

Table H-2 Witnesses and Evidence on Medical and Environmental Effects
Witness/Deponent Title of Evidence (if written and submitted)
  • Maelstrom in the Marshall Islands: The Social Impact of Nuclear Weapons Testing
  • Marshall Islanders Exposed to Fallout: Summary of Evidence
  • United Nations General Assembly Special Committee on the situation with regard to the implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and People - 125th Meeting verbatim record pp 16-25
DAWSON, John D. BMA Report - see section on books ( Section H.5 )
GREENE, Owen, and, STEADMAN, Philip Evidence on the effects of nuclear attack on Britain
HAINES, Andrew
  • Medical Aspects of the Nuclear Arms Race.
  • Nuclear Weapons and Medicine: some ethical dilemmas
  • The role and effectiveness of civil defence and medical planning for nuclear war
IWASA, Mikiji Testimony before London Tribunal
MYERS, Norman Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War
PERCIVAL, I.C. Evidence on Global Physical Effects of Nuclear War
PORRITT, Jonathon The Impact of Nuclear War on the Biosphere
SAITO, Osamu Environmental and Medical Effects of Atomic Bombing
THOMPSON, J. Psychological Reactions to Disaster

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